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Increasing Revenues for our Customers

Residential Broadband and Business Connectivity Services on any network – the IPDWS Open Access Wholesale Platform

We help our Service Provider and Network Operator/Owner customers utilise their existing infrastructure, business models, products and marketing to increase subscriber take-up and revenue

Industry Independent, Cloud-Based Wholesale Open Access Platform – IPDWS Web Portal or Automation through Open API

Standardised package of Service Level Agreements, Product Specifications and Contracts



Customer Benefit – Easy to use, Industry Independent
Cloud-Based Wholesale Platform

Low or zero barriers to entry allows every ITC industry player, regardless of size and financial capability, to create new revenue streams by adding subscriber
connections, transit & last mile – both Business and Residential.

Complete end-to-end service allows Network Operators/Owners to provide Wholesale Services to other operators / ISPs and to test connectivity, process, handoff, provisioning and wholesale billing, including standardized contracts between the players.

Standardised and/or unique products with clear, higher margins and easy setup.

Pre-order checks: Address enquiry, service availability, physical inventory availability, workforce availability and reservation.

Provision and modify: Submitting an order to fulfil a new service or modify an existing one, either adding new physical infrastructure or re-using existing.

Switching CP: support the processes to allow an end user to switch their communication provider, providing appropriate notifications to the original communication provider.

Cease: Submitting an order to cease existing service at a given date in the future, with or without the removal of the connectivity infrastructure.

Unique map-based interface to allow easy searching

User friendly geographical interface

Our Business model

✓ Low or Zero barriers of entry due to the unique IPD business model

✓ Complete end-to-end service allows Operators to provide cloud based wholesale (IPDWS) to other operators / ISPs

✓ Service Providers gain increased reach and subscribers from standardised, aggregated networks they otherwise would not be able to connect to.

✓ Any Operator or ISP, regardless of size, can use the platform with ease to increase revenue

✓ Multiple pricing models supported

✓ Key enabler for Rural networks and last mile solutions

✓ Zero impact to technical network operation

Our Team and Shareholders

All the IPD stakeholders (Investors, Directors and employees) have extensive experience from C-Level positions as MDs, CEOs, Non-Executive Directors or similar in national or international organisations.
Their backgrounds include mobile, wireless and fixed broadband networks, content providers as well as operators, investors, network builders and ITC venture capitalists.
The initial investment by all our Shareholders, together with independent industry investors allows the low or zero barriers of entry for potential customers, regardless of size, financial capability, and geographical location.

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